Thursday, February 23, 2012

Java Unique Exception Extractor Utility

During development of a java application, the greatest problem is runtime Exceptions that occur in background. These background RuntimeExceptions are generally important to fix the code. Some of them are SQLException, NullPointerException, RuntimeUserRuntimeException, ClassCastException, IndexOutOfBoundException etc. These exception are hard to be caught during construction and are generally logged in background (It may even get unnoticed, if something went wrong in a thread which is not main thread).
Java logging frameworks used in standard java application development, somehow makes the log quite verbose. Each and every step/flow fired in application gets logged (For instance, current value of x = someDynamicAppValue.
A developer is interested in only exceptions that is useful for them.

Please find link to one such utility that I created recently which helps an analyst to just collect unique stack traces from the logs and rest of the logs need not be scanned. The utility was tested with >500MB of txt java logs, and it did it job within 3 minutes.

Suggestion / Bugs / Feedback will be highly appreciated.

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